Healthy advices to maintain beautiful and shiny nails – August 8th, 2014

A fungal nail infection or onychomycosis represents the keratin of nails being affected by fungus. Nail bed, nail plate or even the root of nail may be affected by a fungal nail infection and, although treating it is not always necessary, the fungus can develop and spread, affecting other nails as well.

ZetaClear is a natural product that treats and prevents the fungal infection of nails. According to this product is having a natural and fresh scent and treating the root of the problem, ZetaClear successfully treats discolored, thickened a fragile nails, killing the fungus and restoring the healthy appearance of nails.

zetaclearThe fungal nail infection usually develops slowly, leading to discolored, distorted and thickened nails. The nails may also become black, white, green or yellow and sometimes could produce discomfort and pain. Toenails are more commonly affected by fungus than the fingernails, due to the humid, moist and warm environment of shoes, which is auspicious for fungus.

Wearing shoes that make your feet sweaty or hot, regular damage to the skin or nail, diabetes, psoriasis, poor health and humid environment are factors the increase the risk of developing a fungal infection of nails.

But you can certainly prevent your nails from developing a fungal infection by taking proper care of your nails and avoiding offering proper conditions where fungus may develop.

Maintain your feet dry and cool, wear socks and footwear that let your feet to breathe, avoid wearing trainers and shoes that keep your toes together, use only cotton socks and maintain a good foot hygiene. When using a public shower or pool, try as much as possible to wear some flip flops and seek a doctor in case if you suspect any fungal infection of your nails.

If any of your nails are infected, use a separate pair of clippers or scissors for those and prevent the infection from spreading to the other nails. Maintain your nails clean, dry and short and always use rubber gloves when you have to overexpose your hands to water and detergents.

Artificial nails and nail polish should not be used too often because they may trap unwanted moisture, they may make the nails more fragile and they may even hide the infection.

Use antifungal powder or spray on your feet or in your shoes because they will prevent it from getting humid, absorbing the moisture and they even kill the fungus.

Use hand and nails creams that keep your skin and nails healthy, increasing the blood flow in this area and nourishing it with necessary nutrients.

Follow these advices and take into account using ZetaClear, this remarkable combination of systemic and topic treatment that efficiently cures and prevents the nail fungus from developing. Consisting in an oral spray and a solution that together promote the health of nails, ZetaClear relieves the discoloration, thickening or brittleness of nails associated with a fungal infection and kill the fungus, restoring the shine and beauty of healthy nails.

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Detoxadine – importance of iodine – July 27th, 2014

Iodine deficiency is currently the most important preventable cause of mental retardation – an important public health problem.

Iodine in Food

Iodine deficiency is now the most important question prevention of mental retardation – an important public health problem.

Iodine – what it is and where we find

detoxadineIodine (iodes Greek, meaning “violet”) is a chemical element with the symbol I noted with atomic number 53. Iodine is the second element of the halogen group, has a low reactivity and high electro positivity. Elementary substance, like all halogens, iodine present diatomic molecule (I2).

Because of its chemical properties, iodine is a bactericidal agent, sporicidal, protoacid, cisticid and virucidal, issues that give application in various scientific and technical fields. Iodine and its compounds are used in medicine, photography and paint industry. It is a chemical element with a relatively low abundance in the Solar System and the Earth’s crust. Iodides are very poorly soluble in water, though the element is present in higher concentrations in seawater, something that explains the dependence of iodine metabolism of animals and plants, is the heaviest element assimilated by living organisms (only tungsten is difficult, the enzymes found in bacteria). Plant foods are not a sole source safe because iodine concentration in soil varies uncontrollably.

The importance of iodine for man

Iodine is an essential trace element for humans and is essential for the synthesis of thyroid hormones that are transported by the bloodstream throughout the body. Iodine is essential for brain development. Deficiency or excess iodine have harmful effects on the body. Chronic iodine deficiency results in decreased synthesis of thyroid hormones with clinical manifestations of endemic goiter and hypothyroidism (myxedema, thyroid dwarfism, poor eye-hand coordination, partial paralysis, cretinism, apathy, physical deformities, etc..) And excess iodine causes symptoms of hyperthyroidism (exophthalmos, irritability, hyperphagia, etc..).

Elemental iodine is used as a disinfectant in various forms. It can be used as the anion itself or as dissolved in water I3.

What happens if I am having too much iodine?

The more readily tolerate high doses of iodine up to 20-30 times the RDA. However, some people have thyroid nodules, they can produce in excess of thyroid hormones due to excess dietary iodine, causing hyperthyroidism. Individuals are very different in terms of tolerance to iodine. Most sensitive to iodine are those trends so-called autoimmune thyroid diseases such as Graves’ disease or thyroiditis Haşimoto and those who have family members who suffer from these disorders.

How do I know if I get enough iodine?

1.Putem to make a rough estimate based on the following:

2.If using iodized salt

3. Use iodized salt consumption

4.If take vitamins (most contain 150 micrograms per daily dose)

5.If and consumption as meat, dairy and food from sea water.

In Conclusion, as we have a sufficient intake of iodine?

1. By consumption of iodized salt.

2. Using the product Detoxadine. As is written by Iodine is an easy to stomach, HELPS treat thyroid and improves your health. By adding Detoxadine drinking water (iodine and disinfects water) Have Such a perfect supplement iodine.

3.Tablets of potassium iodide, from 100-300 micrograms / day or 1 mg per week. Some vitamin supplements Containing 150 micrograms of iodine daily recommended daily dose Approximately the dose.

4. By using medically Supervised oral iodized oil (lipiodol) or by injection, it provides iodine Needs 1-3 years.

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Benefit of the best treatment for male pattern baldness – July 14th, 2014

Male pattern baldness, androgenic alopecia or androgenetic alopecia represent the medical terms for hair loss in men. Often being caused by genetics, hormones or aging, hair loss may cause even psychological distress.
In most of the cases, hair loss in men occurs due to a male sex hormone called Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. Being an androgen produced in the adrenal glands, testes, hair follicles and prostate, DHS plays a significant role in male pattern baldness.
ProfollicaAccording to Profollica is one of the best hair loss systems available on the market, consisting in a daily supplement and an activator gel that assist the consumers to control and block the production of DHT, improving the health of hair and promoting the natural growth of healthy hair.
But how exactly does Dihydrotestosterone affect the appearance of your scalp?
Male pattern baldness occurs because of the hair follicle’s sensitivity to Dihydrotestosterone. This will cause the follicles to shrink, therefore to miniaturize, diminishing the lifespan of hairs and also the reduced production of hair. The dermal papilla is the most significant sector of hair because it is responsible for the development of hair. When the cells of dermal papilla break down and separate, they form new hair follicles.
In order to develop properly, the hair follicles need essential nutrients, which are taken from the skin’s blood capillaries. The dermal papilla of men has more androgen receptors than women have. This is why when DHT reaches to dermal papilla it compromises and weakens the absorption of the essential nutrients, diminishing the lifespan of hair follicles.
Normally, hair follicles go through anagen phase – when the hairs grow, phase that lasts almost three years – and telogen phase – when hairs enter in the resting period. During telogen phase – which lasts almost three months – the hair follicles shrink, causing the hair to fall. Although it is normal to lose about 100 hairs per day, DHS will not only aggravate this process, but the hair will also stop growing in those places.
Dihydrotestosterone will produce a progressive contraction of hair follicles, until they will become finer, lighter and smaller. Scientists have blamed DHT for almost 95% of cases of androgenetic alopecia. The production of DHT is entirely due to genetics, which means that the more that it is generated the more increased and extensive is the hair loss.
But the higher levels of DHT produce not only male pattern baldness, but also benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is significant to diagnose it in time and follow the best treatment. Controlling the production of DHT and even blocking it are possible with proper treatment.
Profollica is one of the best treatments available on the market that blocks the production of DHT and promotes a healthy growth of hair. Stimulating the blood circulation and promoting the absorption of nutrients, Profollica is recommended by numerous doctors and already tested by many satisfied customers.
Profollica will certainly help the consumers reduce and stop the diminishing of their hair follicles. Being developed after more than 15 years of scientific studies, Profollica slows, stops and reverses the process of hair loss, improving the appearance of a healthy scalp and promoting the natural regrowth of hair.

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Don’t Buy ZetaClear Before Reading This – January 28th, 2014

Many people underestimate the importance of healthy feet because they think that nobody will notice them when they wear shoes. If you are one of them, you should change your mindset because feet are as important as other body parts. Our feet and legs give lots of support for us in our daily tasks. When our feet suffer from several disorders like fungus on nails, they can bring lots of discomfort and embarrassment as well. While there are so many options of nail fungus treatments, ZetaClear is definitely the best alternative.

pt retete  de slabit It has been proven that ZetaClear has been the most dependable natural solutions for nail fungus. This is not an ordinary fungal infection treatment, but it is a medically approved product which can bring significant results. Not only it can help reducing or even getting rid of infection signs, but it can deliver better look of nails. Abundant benefits that everyone can take from ZetaClear include:

· Treating any kind of infections which are caused by fungus from their root

· Preventing deeper infections

· No risk attached because of its natural formula.

· Fresh scent for better treatment

For more details, visit:
Regardless of its natural ingredients, it has a powerful effect in penetrating below the nail surface. Treating infection and preventing it happening again.

Why ZetaClear Stands Out?

Formulated in the form of gel, ZetaClear contains soothing oils for faster penetration to the skin under the infected nail. The oils are composed from vitamin E, lavender, clove, undeclyneic acid, tea tree, almond, jojoba, and lemongrass. These natural ingredients can bring better and more effective fungal infection healing. The oils can soothe the nails for a deep moisturizing effect that delivers healthier nails. It stands out because its natural ingredients are also effective in preventing infections that may occur.

Most of us do not realize that wearing shoes too long can cause fungus, especially when we live in warmer climate areas. Fungus easily grows in damp areas and our feet are prone to suffer from damp, especially when we wear sneakers or boots too often. Curing fungal infections may take for at least four months, in which you can use ZetaClear for four to five times in one day. But you can apply it for twice a day for treatment purposes.

ZetaClear is everywhere

It is very easy to get this magic product because everyone can buy it without any prescription. It adds the benefits that this product offers for those who have problems with nail fungal infections. With very affordable prices, ZetaClear is supposed to be in everyone’s house because it is not only for curing nail infections, but it is also the best product for keeping nails from being infected by fungus. Giving treatment is much better than curing, and this is why ZetaClear is worth buying. Every package of ZetaClear is equipped with the applicator for daily use. Definitely, routine application of ZetaClear is a must for the faster and more effective results. So, enjoy your total confidence by enjoying the summer with your favorite flip flops or attending a cocktail party with sexy stilettos.

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Hives treatment – November 11th, 2013

Hives also known as urticaria,nettle rash or welts can be short or long term. In most cases hives treatment is not applicable since the signs and symptoms are usually mild and the rash clears in a few days for the case of short term urticaria.
However, if the signs and symptoms of short term hives persists, antihistamine drug can be bought in the chemist. Antihistamine medicines includes: loratadine, fexofenadine and cetirizine. These reduces the rashes and stops itchiness by blocking the effect of the histamine. Many people will not experience spells of dizziness and drowsiness but caution should be taken when driving or in operating of machinery. It is advisable to carefully read the leaflet before taking the medication. In instances when the rashes are very itchy causing loss of sleep,additional antihistamine like hydroxyzine and chlorphenamine that causes drowsiness is prescribed. Pregnant mothers are given chlorphenamine under doctors instructions and only when it is deemed necessary. Other side effects of antihistamine includes: diarrhea,dizziness and headaches. For clarification visit the site

Smiling woman on white background.Some doctors prescribe medicines like corticosteroid in tablet form. An example of corticosteroid tablets includes prednisolone which is taken for three days to five days. This can be given to the patient if the signs and symptoms of hives is severe. Corticosteroids supresses the immune systems of the patients and thus supresses signs and symptoms of nettle rash. Taking this tablets for a long duration is not recomemmended because it has many negative complications and effects like cataracts,diabetes,glaucoma or even high blood pressure.

Patients that have long term or chronic welts are also treated using antihistamines taking them every day as prescribed by the doctor until one is completely healed.However the dosage can be increased if the condition persists. drowsy and non drowsy antihistamines can be combined to enable the patient to sleep.H1 antihistamine can be commonly be found in the chemist;there are other types including H2 antihistamine that are also available. Rupatadine is a recent version of the antihistamine and it has successfully treated the most severe case of long term urticaria where the other types of medicines have failed.However it should be taken under the doctor’s instructions.

Menthol creams is also used together with the antihistamines or it can be on its own as a hive treatment since it relieves itchiness.Another type of hive treatment is the narrowband ultraviolet B Photo-therapy, where the affected area on the skin is exposed to high energy ultraviolet lights that helps in clearing the rash. However, the ultraviolet light causes slight burning to the patient’s skin which can be soothed with the application of a cream. Leukotriene Receptor Antagonists as a hive treatment helps in reducing the swelling and redness of a patient’s skin and it is safe to use over a long period of time unlike the corticosteroid tablets and cyclosporin capsules or liquid, since the negative effects such as feeling nausea and headache are minor and uncommon. People should generally watch their diet and avoid chemicals such as salicylates and vasoactive that trigger welts. coffee and caffein should also be taken in moderation and at the same time avoiding stress helps in controlling the severity that comes with the signs and symptoms of urticaria.

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Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet Extract – October 22nd, 2013

Many different types of supplements are today available in the market to help athletes and bodybuilders perform better and achieve the set goals faster. The deer antler velvet extract is a very effective supplement that is beneficial for those people who are into bodybuilding.

Deer antler velvet extract:

i54The outer layer of deer antlers is used to obtain the extract called AntlerX. The velvet is usually extracted from the unchanged layer and is grounded to powder and processed into supplements. These deer are not harmed during the process and the deer antler velvet is tested for purity and to make sure that it is safe.

IGF-1 is usually contained in the deer velvet which is the insulin growth-like factor which is contained in human bodies. It is the one responsible for the human body’s growth and very important supplements for bodybuilders and athletes.

This IGF-1 is associated to the HGH levels in the human body and stimulates growth and development during one’s childhood. It helps in secreting more HGH which helps in the growth of the body. The human body produces more HGH and IGF-1 when the extract is introduced in one’s body as a supplement.

Bodybuilders use the supplements to gain body mass quickly. The rate of division of the body muscle cells is replicated and increased faster. The muscles normally tend to become larger as the body muscle strands expand.

The replication of the cell is increased with the rate of growth of the muscles. When the supplement called AntlerX is taken, the muscle cells grow longer and thicker and the muscles is strengthened.

The extract also has an effect on the amount of nutrition reaching the muscle cells. Individuals who take the supplements discover that they recover faster after extensive workouts as important nutrients and proteins are delivered to the muscles. A bodybuilder lifts weights for a longer period and an athlete works out at great intensity during his or her workout as a result of the IGF-1 that is delivered to the body. The respiratory functions are usually enhanced and the circulation improves, as explained in detail within this

With more IGF-1 in one’s body the metabolic rate increases. This helps in building up muscle and strength while reducing the body fat mass. Though the noticeable effect is the increased muscles, the user experiences weight loss when he loses fat.

Deer antler velvet supplement from AntlerX is therefore essential for the body especially for bodybuilders and athletes. Below are some of the benefits of using the supplements:

· Improvement in muscle strength


· Muscle mass increases

· The recovery time is reduced

· Perform workouts with greater intensity due to enhanced stamina

· The person’s performance is overall improved

· Body fat mass is reduced

· Circulation improves


Deer velvet extract that is found in Antler X contains 4 times the quantity of extract that is found in other supplements. The supplement proves effective for those people who want to experience better quicker results. Many people are using deer velvet supplements to ensure mass gains and muscle strength. Athletes and bodybuilders are using them regularly to achieve better results.

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Home Interior Decorating Tips – July 30th, 2013

With the rising number of lifestyle program and books found, interest in the interior design and other kinds of decorating have also risen. There are some people can do interior design by themselves and some may choose specialists to perform this task. People can choose any method to decorate their house; the cost incurred on interior design process is the consideration. So people have to look for the cheap ways to decorate their homes. The trends in interior design turned all the times and maintaining your house according to the latest fashion can cost more. So it is better to choose a classic, it is the design which match to all times personality. By this method you need not want to change your furniture and repaint your home walls to suit the recent trend.

When determine what should be included and where to keep them, you should be aware of the latest trend. Next way to save your amount with the interior design is to avail the existing furniture for the balance of the design. Dealing with what you contain will reduce the requirement for purchasing new things or disposing the old one which is good condition. Other things may be changed in to other materials and may use various purposes in the new design. With little thinking and imagination you can change the room into unique by availing the material which you already contain in your home.

The basic things of interior designing should be considered. Lizzie from thinks that normally light colors create a space big and more airy but the dark color will make the area or room to appear smaller. If you small room, it is better to use a light color to look big. When looking for windows and doors always select UPVC windows which are termite proof, water resistant, sound and dust proof. To have a nice view you can consider bay windows or French windows. If you like to avail two more colors, then you have to ensure that the colors of the paints are same color. When decorating room, pick one color which contrasts with the base one. You should be practical when you are dealing with interior design project. Do not rush and buy thinking that it is fashionable. Always check its cost and maintenance time before buying.

There are number of interior design professionals are found all over the world. Try to choose the best one by checking his past projects, price quotes for completing the work in the right time. If you get referrals from any of your friends or relatives, it will be good. Hiring an expert will help you to change your home appearance more different. Even if your house is old with some furniture, interior design professional will make your home more unique and they will decorate your house to be more different. If you do not get any referrals, search online, you can get more and you have to choose the best one by checking the customer review on the website. It will give clear idea about them to choose the expert. Check also Liz’s site here:

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Natural remedies to prevent hair loss – June 5th, 2013

The hair loss can be caused by both external factors such as stress, climatic changes, medical treatments, pregnancy, as well as internal factors, such as genetics. Anyways, this kind of cause, consequence or symptom (since it can be all three) has a cure and treatment for thinning hair can be quite simple including both ,natural hair loss treatments as well as homemade treatments.

Some dermatologists say that if we include nuts, eggs and fish in our daily diet, the risk of hair loss becomes smaller, because all these foods are important sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation and thereby create a healthy scalp.
Most of the people seek natural hair loss treatments to end solution for hair loss. There are several natural ways to treat this problem that bothers many people. Check out some information about these natural hair loss treatments:
1. Juices cleanse the scalp:
The scalp can be rubbed with juice of garlic, ginger or onion. Just keep it as it is during the night and wash it thoroughly during morning.

2. The action of the Antioxidant Green tea helps in hair growth:
Hot green tea must be applied in the scalp and then rinse it after an hour. This tea has anti-oxidants that help in preventing the loss of hair and thereby stimulates hair growth naturally.

3. To disguise hair loss:
Break an egg on your hair, massage well, and rinse it. Egg protein is basically covers the hair and will help to give more life to your scalp.
4. Rinse your hair with potato water:
Cook the potatoes in water and add rosemary to them. After boiling for at least 15 minutes, strain the liquid and use it daily to rinse your hair. Leave it for at least 10-15 minutes, and then you can wash normally.

5. To help prevent hair loss:
Drink nettle tea and also use the tea as a final rinse on your hair. Traditionally used as a hair tonic, nettle leaves are available in health food stores.

6. Aloe-Vera for maintenance of healthy hair strands:
One of the best assets to effect the natural hair loss treatments is the plant Aloe-Vera, which is rich in protein for growth and maintenance of healthy hair strands. The agents contained in the plant act positively in strengthening hair and break the fall. To use Aloe-Vera at home, just cut the plant, extracting its sap (a kind of transparent gel) .Pour this liquid acting on the hair and leave it for 24 hours. It is recommended that this procedure must be carried out twice a week.
7. A good scalp massage:
A tip very easy and interesting to prevent the fall of the wires is doing a good scalp massage; it provides a greater blood circulation, stimulating the healthy growth of the wires is a simple technique. After washing the hair with cold water make an intense massage on the scalp.
8. Homemade masks:
Making homemade masks with bath creams, combining the principles of chemical creams aloe, is also a good way to naturally treat hair loss.
Avoid using excess wigs or hairpieces. Although these may seem like good cosmetic solutions, but they can also accelerate hair loss by damaging your hair follicles.
Visit this website for more info about natural hair loss remedies.

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